Beaunest: Honey, Pomegranate & Date Palm


Beaunest, is a bird nest drink that is rich in nutritional value as it contains ingredients that provides energy and boosts the immune system – particularly in improving one’s lung health. The Beaunest goodness also doubled with the addition of Sunnah food such as honey, pomegranate and date palm.
  • 6 bottles / box.

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The Beaunest incorporates Sunnah food such as honey, pomegranate and date palm that pave a path to wellness through the natural goodness of each ingredient.



All ingredients

Water, Linden Honey, Date Syrup, Collagen Peptide (Fish), Pomegranate Extract (VIQUA®), Bird’s Nest, contain permitted Thickeners (E401, E415), permitted Acidity Regulator (E500(iii)), permitted Stabilizers (E418) as food conditioners and permitted flavoring substance.

4 reviews for Beaunest: Honey, Pomegranate & Date Palm

  1. Shai Azad

    This bird nest drink promotes good health and helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

  2. Alia

    Fast delivery & tastes good!

  3. shakila5542

    dah beberapa kali saya beli utk proses penyembuhan luka laser bt karang

  4. nurazira.azid@gmail.com

    alhamdulillah masa tempoh quarantine sy amalkan product beaunest, sgt membantu dan melegakan pernafasan sy… memang berbaloi…

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